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Author Spotlight: Olivia Luck

Author Spotlight: Olivia Luck
1.    When did you first begin to write?
I wrote my first romance novel at ten. The main characters went on a date to the beach, it was captivating stuff.
2.    Why do you write?
Writing fulfills a creative itch and takes me away from daily life. I get completely enthralled by my characters, they become apart of my life. I write because if I didn’t, I would go insane dreaming up stories in my head without giving them proper resolutions.
3.    What was the inspiration behind your book?
Like every other novel I’ve started writing, the initial concept behind In Pursuit came to me one night before I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and pulled out some pen and paper to outline the first book in by hand (I had some serious cramps!).
4.    Where do you write?
            Anywhere that has an outlet for my laptop.
5.    Who is your writing inspiration?
I don’t have a particular person that inspires my writing per say, but the names of my characters come from people that have touched my life.
6.    What inspires you while you’re writing?
Reading other indie authors made me decide to take a stab at selling my own work. I’ve dreamed of being a writer for as long as I can remember, seeing some of my peers gain success from self publishing has encouraged me to take the plunge.
7.    Where do you see yourself in five years with your writing?
My dream of dreams is to write as a full time career. Indie publishing works just fine for me.
8.    If you could cowrite with anyone, who would it be?
No disrespect to my fellow authors that I admire greatly, but I prefer to write by myself. I guess that’s just the introvert in me.

About Olivia Luck
Olivia Luck lives in the middle of America with her loving husband and her overbearing obsession with writing. When she’s not reading, editing, or drafting, you can find her cooking in the kitchen. Her debut novel In Pursuit is coming to an e-reader near you in January 2014.
Get in touch with Olivia, she loves messages!

TEASER from In Pursuit, coming January 2014 (subject to change)
“I think I’ve been waiting for you my entire life,” he admits.

Me too, this time I respond silently.

“There’s been so much bleakness for so long but something told me not to give up, something pushed me to keep going. Some part of me deep down knew that you were waiting for me before I even met you.”

I wish I could say the same to him, but truly he was the best gift I never saw coming. Now here I am, feeling cherished for once in my life. It’s a surreal feeling that I don’t dare to let go of, at any cost.

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