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Author Spotlight: Jessica Cage


Born and raised in Chicago, IL, writing has always been a passion of mine. I dabble in artistic creations of all sorts but at the end of the day, it’s the pen that my hand itches to hold. I had never considered following my dream to be a writer because I was told "There is no money in writing." So I chose the path most often traveled. Now working at my day job in a law office, I look at my two year old son and ask myself, how will I be able to inspire him to follow his dreams, reach for the stars, if I never had the guts to do it myself. So here I am, age 25, unleashing the plethora of characters and their crazy adventurous worlds into the realm of readers. Hoping to inspire not only my son but myself. Inviting the world to tag along on my journey to become the writer I have always wanted to be.
Recently I have discovered a new passion in encouraging youth to follow their dreams and explore creative passions. It is no secret that programs are dwindling that help to support the development of artistic passion. I hope to be able to create an avenue to help fill this void. It is the realization that my journey is not all about me, that help fuel me and keep me going.


1.     What was the first book you ever wrote? What was the inspiration behind it?
The first book I ever wrote was a fantasy about a girl and her dad. I was 12 and it never saw the light of day. It was inspired by my hope to see my father again who had passed away. I used to tell myself bed time stories, it was how I coped with reality when things got hard to handle. Crazy to think that at 12 I needed to cope, but I was a Tomboy blossoming into a young woman, I had lost my father and I was a ball of emotions. Those stories helped me get through it. One day I just decided to sit down and write it out.
2.     When did you first realize that you could write?
I realized I could write early in life. I had a very active imagination and I was always coming up with intricate storylines for everything. Playtime was always an adventure. And once I realized my love for reading, I guess it just hit me that I could do it as well, put pen to paper and log those story lines. I never shared them with anyone but I did enjoy watching the stories come to life and having them for me to read later and remember. From time to time I will still bring out those stories and read them. It brings me such happiness.
3.     What do you do in your spare time when you’re not writing?
I am usually playing ninja with my son, or getting crafty as I have rediscovered my passion for creating things with my own two hands. I also enjoy getting out for fun with adults. Bowling, catching a movie or a dinner with the girls. I try to relax. But also I spend time working out, well because we all want to do what we love and look good while doing it!
4.     Do you have a writing food or drink that you always have to have in times of work?
CEREAL!!!! Yes, I am a bit of an addict. There is a shelf in my room dedicated to the stuff. I love it and every dietician, trainer, and anyone in the healthy living community will tell you that I need to knock it off, but I don’t care. It’s the one thing I will not give up.
5.     What or who is your biggest inspiration?
My son is my ultimate inspiration. I love watching him grow and I want to be able to inspire him to be courageous enough to chase his dreams. Kids are so optimistic and they have an unquenchable thirst for life and knowledge. My son renewed that in myself and I am just so motivated to set a good example for him. In all areas of life.
6.     Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
Big question. My dream for 5 years, in my own house and being able to support myself from writing. I also want to branch out and use my work as a ways to reach the youth of the world. I want to encourage them from an early age to follow their passions and move forward with their dreams. I also see myself hanging with my son. I want to have more time to just enjoy him as he grows because time is just flying by and I don’t want to miss a moment of his life.

7.     What are five fun facts about yourself?
1.     I like brownies but not chocolate cake.
2.     At one point in life I was destined to be a fashion designer/lawyer!
3.     I wanted to be an oceanographer but I am afraid of large masses of water.
4.     The sound track to my writing is stand-up comedy. Netflix I love you!
5.     I love writing all things paranormal and spooky, but I hate scary movies. If it’s coming from my mind, it’s all good. But from someone else… no thank you!
8.     What is your process of writing?
I get his with a story, like characters yelling at me. I grab a pen and paper and hand write it. Yes, terrible for my wrist but it’s the way it works for me. I feel more connected to the story. Even after I type it all up, all edits/revisions are done pen to paper. If the characters become silent I walk away from the story until they start protesting again. This could mean a book gets written in couple weeks or a few months. Its all up to my characters. I don’t plot or outline. I let them tell me their story before I go in and make the necessary tweaks.

9.     What is your biggest accomplishment with writing?
I would have to say the people I have met. I have been nominated for a few awards. And I am so thrilled for that because I am so new to this, but its been meeting wonderful new people and also being a source of encouragement for others to follow their dreams. I started just wanted to be happy and to be an example for my son, but I have been contacted by quite a few people who say that by watching me chase my dream, they have found the courage to go after their own.
10.       If you could co-write with anyone, who would it be?
I actually get a chance to co-write with an awesome author that I recently met. I loved her work and we have become great friends. She approached me with the idea and I was just so ecstatic and I cannot wait to dive in and get it done. I won’t reveal too much, but I am seriously giddy over it.
11.      What inspires you while you’re writing?

I am inspired by the idea of creating something new. I never want my stories to be predictable or like anything else you have ever read. And each time I am hit with that power house switch up in my stories, it just fuels me to keep writing, and keep creating. I love my characters and their amazing lives and that I get to live a life that is a bit more exciting because of them.

 Guest Post:

Hi, my name is Jessica Cage and I am a paranormal author from Chicago. First off I would like to thank Book Boyfriend Obsessions for allowing me access to their wonderful blog and for giving me a chance to reach out to more awesome readers.
A bit about me… I am an artistic soul, I have always loved to create things with my hands and I always dreamed to be someone who created something beautiful to contribute to the world. This took me through all of the phases, from drawing, to graphic designs and fashion designs. I wanted to do it all. It never really dawned on me that Writing could be that beautiful contribution. I have always had the passion for words. Extracting the wonderful worlds I created in my mind and watching them come alive on the page was the most thrilling part about my childhood. But then, the notebook would be full and then stuffed away in a box or bag never to be seen again.
It wasn’t until I had my son that I decided to go for writing. Why? Well I spent 8 months on bed rest and during that time I could do nothing but write. It brought me comfort and I began to really dream again about sharing those words. Before that point I had never had the guts, and I was told “There’s no money in writing!” I chose to do what made sense to most people. Work, and make money. But I was unhappy. I can say those moments, feeling the creation that was happening inside of my body and watching the creation that was happening inside my mind spread across the screen of my laptop, was the most enjoyable for me. Because that is when I decided to chase this dream and to use my chase, my push for my happiness, to encourage my son to do the same.
A bit about my work. I have written a YA series entitled The High Arc. The 3rd book to the series, Alexa’s Adytum just released January 1, 2014. This series is truly my baby I have watched it grow for 3 years. I love the story and I hope that Alexa’s strength is something to encourage young girls. She has to fight for what she wants. I personally became tired of the weak heroin and I wanted to create a character that was closer to the average girl. She has her ups and downs and she has to find her own strength because no one is going to do it for her. Book three really takes the time to explore not only Alexa’s struggles but also the lives of the other women. I believe it gives each girl who reads this story someone to connect to because we aren’t all the same and we don’t all have the same struggles. Each one of them is at a different point in their journey and they are all facing something that requires them to step outside of their comfort zones. Which, as we all know, is when greatness happens.
A bit of Alexa’s Adytum…
“I am trapped here!” Alexa screamed and the ground began to rumble and a crack extended into the sea. The waves crashed against the shore and filled the voids that were created with warm salty water.
“You are not trapped Alexa, you have chosen not to leave.” Rasmiyah still managed to sound relaxed.
“I want to leave. Isn’t that choosing? Isn’t wanting to leave enough?” The sky became crowded with dark clouds; loud thunder shook the world as they crashed against each other.
“Well, if it is, maybe you don’t really want it, because you are still here. Wanting something, and choosing something is not the same thing Alexa.” Rasmiyah spoke softly, her voice carrying over to Alexa on a breeze even though the sound of the thunder tried to drown her out.

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Such an amazing author, make sure to check out her books. :) You'll regret it if you don't. We can't wait to hear of more from Jessica!!

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