Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review: Driven by K. Bromberg

“Don’t you feel it, Rylee? This—” he says gesturing a hand between him and I, “this charge we have here? The electricity we have when we’re together is way too strong to ignore.” 

Rylee Thomas is a girl that has dealt with many hardships and heartache in her past. She is a hard and passionate worker for her organization that focuses on helping children in the foster system. She's tough and remains unfazed by the men around her until she literally stumbles into the arms of a breathtakingly, handsome, and arrogant man.. Colton Donavan.
Colton, Oh.. Colton. The smug, arrogant, and cocky gift from the gods. He's young, rich, and he's hiding secrets that no one knows. He comes from a troubled past and uses this arrogance of his to push people away... That is until he meets Rylee, she changes his bad boy attitude and he doesn't like it! 
Rylee is a smartass that is resistant towards Colton's playboy charm. Can she fight the raw, primal attract that she feels for Colton? He makes it almost impossible.. Chasing her as if she's the last woman on earth. She's a tough cookie and a winning personality. 
Can these two fight the attraction they have with each other? Or can they possibly attempt a relation despite both of them being broken and unable to fully love each other? 
I love you Colton, as damaged as you are!

*This book is part of trilogy. 

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